Iliyan Kuzmanov


  • MS. In Law (PU, Plovdiv, Bulgaria)
  • BA. In History &Economics (Concordia, Montreal, CA)
  • Certified in Finance in Concordia, Montreal, Ca
  • BA in Global Politics, IBMI, Berlin, Germany

Social Enterpreneur and Founder:

  • Domestic Help London, set up by victims of domestic violence, with only goal to Help! It has worked in London since 2012, and was able to generate more than£3milions in turnover. Served more than 600 private houses in London. Founded only to be able to support my dream to build a Social Business that will make changes.Main financial support of all my social enterprises adventures. From 2020 Domestic Help London was rebranded as Art Angel International CIC and is part of Domestic Help London Group.

  • Ezo, London- social enterprise named one of the Best in London and one of the few with Soul in England by the biggest cultural portal in UK Londonist, other cultural institutions recognize it as one of the hidden gems in London, one of the last free libraries… Ezo London was named Bulgarian Historical Heritage in Migration by the Bulgarian Academy of Science- founded 2014- received initial financial aid of £20, 000 from Domestic Help London. Achieved yearly turnovers of £110, 000(2015), £130, 000 (2016), £140, 000(2017), £110, 000 (2018)- was complete self-sustainable social venture in UK, with zero government or grant financement.

  • Ezoligencia Pazardzhik, since 2019 in Bulgaria- bridge to London, with aim to change my country for good with all I learned doing in the amazing UK.Received initial financial aid of £20, 000 from Domestic Help London. Achieved for short period to create a broad circle around- institutions, businesses, social products. Joined Art Angel Bulgaria as a trade body

  • Art Angel Foundation, 2020- social body of Ezoligencia project. Domestic Help London Group provided to Bulgarian Art Angle in 2020 -£24, 000. First main project is with Ministry of Justice and the Prison System in Bulgaria- approved as a project with great potential. Gained large public and institutional support. Project Maria, and Project Change are the major side ventures that make the dream of sustainable growth in social sector achievable.

I am part of:

Certified for excelent service Venice 2018

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